Cheval Noir


Architects: L'Escaut-Gigogne.
Structure: Ney & Partners.
Fluids: Seca Benelux.
General contractor: De Coninck nv.
Openness and visual presence have determined the architectural choices of this building, which is situated on the left bank of the canal in Molenbeek district (Brussels).
It accommodates 31 housing units/studios for artists of which the configurations arise from their integration in the former Hallemans brewery on the one hand and in the compactness of a small tower on the other hand.
The two buildings are connected through several footbridges above the courtyard which is situated between two public spaces: the Cheval Noir street and the Brunfaut square. A new entrance was realized towards the square to affirm the crossing character of the parcel.
In a limited budgetary context (about 1100 €/m2), we wanted to insure the quality and durability of the building (big surfaces of the openings, aluminium frames, collective ventilation system and boiler room) while using the existing or new raw materials for their aesthetic qualities (apparent bricks, vaulted ceilings, concrete) and for their technical qualities (re-use of the existing bearing system, thermal inertia of the existing brick walls).


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