Ursulines skatepark


The site for the Ursulines Square is situated on the first part of the junction between the north and south railway stations that has been a traumatic intervention in the urban fabric of Brussels for over a decade.
In addition to this symbolic connection to the city, the square is close-knit into its complex environment: The Brigittines Chapel, a social housing building, The Marolles…
The project as a whole manifests itself as a process of reappropriating urban space.
Several actors are mobilized to participate in this process: the BRUSK collective, Recyclart, IBGE/BIM (Brussels Environment), the landscape architects and the inhabitants. Two young landscape architects, Bjorn Gielen and Floris Steyaert, were selected through an ideas competition open to young artists, architects and urbanists and become a part of L’Escaut, further developing the project in collaboration with BRUSK.
A number of informative sessions with the neighbors, workshops with prospective users, and skateboard classes for kids are organized.


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